Laksen Sporting


a tribute to the history of driven shooting

As a tribute to the history of driven shooting, fine British gun manufacturing and the Norfolk Liar, we decided to develop a new and improved game counter, or Laksen Sporting Liar if you will. Our game counter is the latest product from of our design collab with designer and passionate sportsman, Henrik Bønnelycke, which also include shooting glasses and watches.

Game counter, tweed bag & box


We have used solid brass, chromed aluminum and stainless steel Torx screws. Every dial counts to 60, the hands can be handled with or without gloves, it clicks precisely, and to protect gun, gunstock, hands and fingers, it’s designed without any sharp edges. The leather strap is 750 mm folded, long enough to carry it around your neck, yet stowed away in your cartridge pockets. The production facility itself, is also a piece of fascinating history and craftmanship. A small dedicated company in the northern part of Denmark, specializing in fine, precise and complex engineering and manufacturing, owned and run by true craftsmen. The Game Counter is in other words designed, engineered and manufactured in Denmark.


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