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In 2019, Laksen Sporting established a design collaboration with the award-winning Danish designer and sportsman, Henrik Bønnelycke. The design collab with Bønnelycke MDD is all about tributing the heritage of field sport and fine craftmanship.

Being a passionate huntsman, Henrik Bønnelycke’s own experience and lifestyle is reflected in the products, just as the heritage of the Laksen Sporting brand is.

Our collection of accessories is designed for passionate sportsmen and women, without compromise. Explore our shooting glasses, game counters and tool watches, and watch out for more to come..


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The collaboration has led to multiple successful product designs, featuring watches, shooting glasses, game counters, shop and showroom interiors and more to come.. Our collaboration focuses on development and design of non-textile products for hunting and shooting purposes.

The goal is to design products with outstanding performance & quality, respecting the heritage and ethics of field sports. The latest achievement has been winning the Good Design Award for our shooting glasses. Both models, Sunmaster & Shotmaster, was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award.

The Good Design Award was established in 1950, by Ray and Charles Eames, Edgar Kaufmann and Eero Saarinen.


Apart from being an internationally acclaimed designer, Henrik Bønnelycke is a passionate sportsman.
High flying pheasants, driven grouse on the British moors, challenging redlegs in Spain, and red deer stalking in the highlands are among Henrik’s favorite disciplines.

Out of season you will probably find Henrik shooting clays, sometimes shooting a 120 year old Boss, sometimes a purpose built Perazzi, sometimes his Hartmann & Weiss,  but always competitive, well dressed and with a big smile on his face.

Henrik Bønnelycke Shooting Glasses
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