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Designed for the ultimate shooting experience, our shooting glasses represent a new generation of shooting glasses designed for daily wear and ultimate performance, unlike no other shooting glasses.

Andrew Johnson, Sporting Clays Manager And Competitive Shooter, The Orvis Company, INC

These glasses have a lightweight, flexible design, and due to the flexible arms they can accommodate any head size, with or without a hat. The full frame model allows for complete protection while also ensuring that there are no blind spots in the sight picture when the cheek is mounted on the comb of the gun.

The multiple lens options are great! They make for a clean and clear display with vibrant attraction towards the orange clay.
These glasses are comfortable enough to wear for hours giving instruction or busting clays, and the exceptional quality lens case carries everything tidily.



The frame form and weight, lens shape, colors and light transmission will assist you improving your shooting, whether its sport or game shooting. The ultralight 0,4mm slim frame design provide a highly comfortable performance shooting glass to wear, even when using traditional ear/hearing protection. The featherweight design and high-tech materials delivers shooting glasses at a total weight of only 18 grams a pair. Due to the highly flexible frame, lenses are easily interchangeable by hand, without using tools.


The impact certified lenses will provide you with a rarely seen safety aspect. Should the unthinkable happen, chances are that your eyes(eyesight) will not be affected or damaged, that is just as important as using ear/hearing protection. Apart from the EN166 and ANSI Z87.1 impact certification, our own field test shows that the lenses, as a minimum, will withstand a typical clay shooting steel shot (24g size 7) from a distance down to 15 meters, without any penetration or splinting.


Laksen Sporting’s design collab with award winning designer Henrik Bønnelycke has led to the long-desired shooting glass project. Our collab on development and design of non-textile products, has led from shop interior, over watches, to shooting glasses and accessories. Apart from being an international acclaimed designer, Henrik Bønnelycke is also a very passionate shooting and hunting man, among he’s favorite sports, you will find driven grouse on the British moors, and high flying red legs in Spain.


Most shooting glasses on the market are specifically designed for and aimed at sport and competition shooting. As such, the “look and style” corresponds with just that - sports shooting glasses. One would probably not be wearing such sports shooting glasses outside the shooting range, and surely not as part of a tweed dressed shooting party, or as a pair of fashionable sunglasses. The design of our shooting glasses accommodates just that. Whether you wear them on the shooting range, as a part of a tweed dressed game shoot, dressed formal or casually, they are fit for all purposes.


Available with extremely lightweight prescription insert frame for both Sunmaster & Shotmaster.
Can be easily attached onto the frame of the shooting glasses by hand in just a few seconds.

John Rano, Certified & Active Orvis Wing Shooting Instructor

“I have worn the Laksen shooting glasses in my own shooting and while instructing. Most importantly I find the clarity and contrast providing target definition superior to other shooting glasses I have worn. Additionally the lightweight and flexibility of the frames make these glasses extremely comfortable over a long day of shooting. Very well designed, stylish performance shooting glasses. Excellent compact leather case. Easy to remove lenses and keep everything organized.”


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