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Pro-Ferrum Gun Care Fluid – 200ML

A revolutionizing gun care fluid. With its combined unique abilities, Pro-Ferrum® is developed to make care of weapons easier than ever before. When applied, Pro-Ferrum® absorbs and encapsulates moisture, breaks down combustion residues, acids, and corrosion, leaving a thin coating on all surfaces when wiped off – both on internal and external surfaces. Pro-Ferrum® both lubricates, cleans, and protects your weapon, making it very simple to take care of your weapon.

This can size contains 200ml.


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Encapsulation & Removal of Water
Pro-Ferrum® is ultimately created to encapsulate water droplets on your weapon instantly after a rainy day out. After Pro-Ferrum® is applied, watch it turn into a milky white fluid as it absorbs every tiny water droplet. Wipe it off with a cloth after 30-60 seconds and experience a dry surface with a thin coating remaining.

Protective Coating
When applied, Pro-Ferrum® super spreads leaving a thin protective water-repellent coating that prevents rust, combustion residues, acids, and dirt to form layers on your weapon. The coating is thin and non-greasy, unlike most traditional gun oils.

No More Rust
Pro-Ferrum® will break down any corrosive layers, leaving metal surfaces and parts cleared from rust.
(In the case of severe corrosive formation on your gun, Pro-Ferrum® can be applied multiple times for a longer time, to achieve the wanted look on your weapon).

Biodegradable & Skin Friendly
Pro-Ferrum® is both biodegradable and dermatologically tested “Excellent!” by Dermatest®, meaning Pro-Ferrum® will not harm your skin, eyes or breathing. No safety protection is required to apply Pro-Ferrum®.

Cleaning & Lubricating
Pro-Ferrum® will clean and lubricate all parts of your weapon just as well as any other leading gun oils on the market and is developed to decompose old remains of unwanted oil and grease residues.

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