Laksen Sporting – heritage

At the very beginning, in 1977, Laksen Sporting had a small in-house production of quality clothing for hunting and fly fishing, and not least, handmade fly fishing rods. Everything was designed, manufactured and sold in Denmark.

In 1979-1980 this changed rapidly, as Laksen Sporting was granted the first European license to manufacture clothing with waterproof Gore-Tex technology. Being one of the first brands to offer real waterproof garments to hunters and fly fishers in Europe, Laksen Sporting grew quickly, and the export adventure started.

Garments for hunting and shooting soon became the majority of our business, and by the end of the 90’s, our focus was solely on hunting and shooting. In 1999, we introduced the first lightweight and waterproof-breathable pure wool tweed products, which lead to extensive growth.

Today, our passion for sporting adventures like shooting, stalking and hunting drives us to develop the best possible clothing and accessories for any kind of sporting situation in all thinkable weather conditions.

The Laksen Sporting collection consists of more than 400 unique products for hunting and shooting, and we still specialize in innovative, yet authentic high-quality clothing. A large part of our collection is still dedicated to our trademark – lightweight, waterproof-breathable performance products in fine Scottish tweed.

We work with specialized shooting and hunting retailers all over the world. Common for our retailers is their high degree of service and flexibility. Our retailers have many years of experience, and are more than willing to share their extensive knowledge about the vast Laksen Sporting product range.


Happy Hunting & Happy Shooting!

Laksen Collection 2021/22

Our many Laksen Sporting dealers and users constantly inspire us. Out of approximately 400 unique products in our Fall/Winter collection, 200 of those are new developments. The Fall/Winter collection will be with our dealers during Fall 2021.

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Morehouse Country Sports is a 100% Danish owned business. The company was established in 1977, and since the very beginning the company has been driven by our passion for hunting and shooting. Our customers are specialized retailers all over the world, currently we export our products to more than 20 different countries. We only work with high quality products, for discerning sportsmen and women, treasuring great adventures.

Tweed Tradition & Technology

Tweed Tradition & Technology