Grouse collection

5151 Moorland shooting vest

Highly functional shooting vest for action filled days on the moor. Made from the finest Scottish sporting tweed, in beautiful moorland colors. The vest features two adjustable cartridge pockets, one inner pocket and quilted Amaretta™ reinforcements and details.
Manufactured in Europe.

7651 Moorland shirt

Tip blue / Dark rum / Green

Colors are essential when grouse shooting, always avoid light colors! Our grouse shirt is color wise engineered for grouse shooting – Tip blue / Dark rum / Green colors will make sure you blend in with the landscape. Otherwise it is a 100% fine cotton shirt, weaved and manufactured in Europe. Features chest pocket.

150 Moorland grouse tie

Tip blue

Silk tie with grouse motif.

151 Moorland grouse tie

dark rum

Silk tie with grouse motif.

8151 Moorland cap

100% Scottish wool


Driven Grouse

Driven Grouse